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Gift Aid:

If you would like to give a charitable gift towards the work that Mighty Men of Valour is doing, below are examples of how this can be done.

  • In-kind contributions (i.e. property, equipment, volunteers etc.)
  • Monthly standing orders

Please note that your donations may also be made via cash, cheques or by PayPal

Mighty Men of Valour has invested in a number of social events over the years and we are hoping to expand on these events.

Mighty Men of Valour - Previous most of our events were our couples evening themed dinner seminars and our Valentines events which was very successful.

We are hoping to launch and host more of these couple themed events in the future.   These themed events will include couple theatre tickets, dinners and dances, fancy dressed, weekenders and even themed events aboard.  Watch this space for further information.

Valentine Ball -
 Valour Youth – We plan to host more youth events which are based around leadership, relationships and travel.  We believe that the world is getting increasingly smaller and our young people need to be able to communicated and experience the world as best they can.

Sports and health-  We are hoping to engage more young people and men around sports events, both watching and participating.

Dating events There are countless TV programmes about couples and relationships and many of these relationship fail because the couples mistaking friendship and ‘sex-ship’ as the same thing.  If we are honest, most men want to have sex first, before considering a relationship.  If men do want a relationship and then marriage, before sex, they are deemed to be strange or something is wrong with them.

Talk show events- Want do men really want?  This was one of our early talk show events. We are planning to have more discussion on:
  • The effects of pornography on adults and on our children?
  • Why do men and women want to go to Rio and other Caribbean Carnivals around the world?
  • The effects of music industry on our children and adults?
  • Is there really freedom of speech now with social media and political correctness?
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