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MMOV in association with WWOV and Valour Youth deliver various types of training for all ages
We deliver both accredited and none accredited courses for our learners.  We offer a wide range of OCN London awards qualifications and non-accredited courses are based around life skills/  We also deliver bespoke training to cater for the needs of our clients.     
MMOV offer general course on career development, employability skills, relationship support, behaviour management, parenting support, sexual health, restorative justice, anger management and much more.

MMOV offer national qualifications
We offer national qualifications for learners aged 14 upwards through credit-based units. This approach offers maximum flexibility for learners and the opportunity to create learning programmes that reflect people’s interests and ambitions. We develop bespoke programmes that enable organisations to deliver accredited courses that meet their exact needs.
We deliver OCN London courses, because: 
  • have a reputation for high quality.
  • brand carries national recognition and kudos.
  • are flexible and recognise the importance of accommodating the needs of different learners and different learning styles.
  • offer exceptional value for money.
  • are committed to the belief that learning can change lives.
OCN London mission is ‘to help create a fairer a society where everyone, whatever their educational background, has an opportunity to benefit from learning, realise their potential and fulfil their goals.’

OCN London focus is “providing opportunities for people - many of them ‘second chance’ learners who have missed out on traditional education - to progress and achieve their goals. This is at the heart of our mission.   We understand the power of learning to transform organisations, empower communities and help people to grow.   We are committed to ethical business practices, transparency and integrity.  We always put the needs of learners at the heart of our service”.

OCN London vision is to create “an awarding organisation with a difference – one whose priority is providing added value, rooted firmly in the values of social justice.”

OCNLR Course List

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