Mighty Men of Valour Awards

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The Valour Awards Ceremony is in recognition of the outstanding contributions made by the nominees in achieving excellence in the categories for which they have been nominated. It will be a time for celebration, encouragement and networking. It is an event not to be missed and it will be a pleasure to have you join us at this celebration.

  • Do you know now of any outstanding men in your community?
  • DO YOU know of any men who support their wife/spouse at home and in partner’s careers?
  • ARE THERE men who today taken an active part in the nurturing and development of their children?
  • ARE THERE any men who YOU would consider to be an excellent parent to their children and EXCELLENT husbands to their wives or spouse?
  • DO YOU KNOW any men who have risked their lives to save the lives of others, or men who have MADE A DIFFERENCE to their community and to people around them?
Mighty Men of Valour Awards
A community panel will select those men of valour who have done extra ordinary feats in the community and to celebrate the contributions made by these men. These examples will show men’s contributions to the area that they live and to encourage ALL men to be role models in their community.

How to nominate a"Mighty Man of Valour"?

To nominate someone for an award, please complete the enclosed nomination form clearly marking the category for which they are being nominated.

Nomination are now open.
The categories for nominations are:
Celebration Buffet:

There will be a buffet and evening entertainment.

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