Mighty Men of Valour deliver mentoring support within Schools, Probation, Social Care and the Community since 2009. 

We have both paid and volunteer staff.

We are focused on results and we are working towards a payment by result ethos.

We offer support in the various areas: To make a referral please Click on Link

  • Peer Mentoring – Evening and Weekends 1-2hrs each week or every fortnight.
  • School Mentor/Learning Mentor (see also Valour Youth ) - Young person between 7-11 or 11-16. Dealing with behaviour or learning support. This is one to one support and group work with the mentee which is also linked to home support.
  • Children with special needs – Mentoring support – supporting young people who have special need requirements.
  • Prison Visitor (faith based or Non-faith based) – 16 yrs.+
  • Male Advocates – Supporting fathers 16+, including young fathers and family support work.
  • 18-24 young men on probation, within the probation service supporting ex-offenders. We have looked at issues such as: domestic violence, anger management and parenting skills.  We also support them with careers advice and skills to find employment, Self-employment and social issues that young men face.
  • Community Mentoring.
  • Mighty Men of Valour as a range of Accredited NOCN courses .  The courses range from E3 to Level 2. Some are adult and some are STEP-UP course for young people between 13- 18.
  • Our referral process is easy!

    1. Telephone or email us to discuss your learner/client and the support you require for them.
    2. Email us to confirm what was discussed and the required support and the agreed outcomes that are expected after our engagement with your learner/client.
    3. MMOV will conduct a FREEinitial assessment and matching for your mentee for FREE.
    4. MMOV will email you or telephone you to confirm the start date, end date, venue, and time of support.
    5. If there is a cost to any of our services, we will always discuss and confirm this with you by telephone and/or email, prior to starting the support sessions. There are no hidden costs to our service.
    6. MMOV are able to support learners/clients during the day, evenings and weekends.
    7. MMOV have found that on average that six sessions is sufficient for each client/learner in order to evidence a significant change in their behaviour and attitude towards their partner, their children and family. The average total cost of mentoring service is between £150 - £300.
    8. MMOV offer one to one support and also group sessions.

    Please feel free to contact us on:
    0800 073 1325
    to discuss our services in more detail.

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