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A unique opportunity of encouraging dads, granddads and male carers to visit your school for a dads breakfast in your primary school.  We facilitate a dad's breakfast at your Primary School. MMOV have delivered our dad’s breakfast entitled, “What matters most...” to over 500 dads in London.

The dads get the chance to engage with various activities with their child/children in school. The activities can range from handicrafts to archery where the dads/males carers can engage with their children.

Why not host one of our Mighty Men of Valour or Women of Valour Breakfast's at your Primary/Junior school?

It is an excellent experience and opportunity for dads or mums to give to involve support their child in your school.

Forest Academy Head Teacher said: "This is the best thing that we have ever done in our school."

An average of thirty dads attend our sessions. The programe is well received by parents and children.

Book now by calling: 0800 073 1325

MMOV - Dads Breakfast Presentation 2015

School that have delivered our Dad's breakfast:

  • Park Hill Academy
  • Davidson Primary School
  • Gonville Academy
  • Forestdale Primary School
  • Rowdown Primary School
  • Atwood Primary School
  • Kensignton Avenue Primary School
  • Norbury Manor School
  • Forest Academy
  • West Thornton Academy
  • Robert Fitzroy Academy

MIGHTY MEN OF VALOUR - West Thornton Academy Dad’s Breakfast

What an amazing turn out we had for our first ever MMOV event.  Over 60 fathers and male family members came for breakfast, followed by a discussion led  by the organisation, the Mighty Men of Valour on the importance of  the father in a family.

The presenters talked about the different campaigns that they were involved in and discussed some quite emotive issues.   There were some great debates around some of the topics and lots of laughter.  Afterwards, everyone  headed over to the hall to take part in a creative activity  with the children.

The hall was packed and it was really noisy as everyone rose to the challenge to create something from the wide range of resources on offer.  Children and adults alike, were all really appreciative of the morning and  all commented positively about the event. 

Comments from adults included:  “The importance of spending time with my child today as she was extremely happy I turned up.  The feeling my daughter and I will treasure”……..”How much, as a dad, I play  a role in my son’s life, even though we live apart.”   The responses from children were just as positive.  “I want my dad to know what I do in school and what I learn about”…..”It’s interesting and he doesn’t normally come to events”…...”It’s fun to do amazing activities with my dad and it gives a stronger bond.”

It was an amazing morning there was a real buzz in the air and the children were full of excitement on their return to class.   We shall be organising another ‘Dad’s Breakfast’ during the Autumn term for those unable to attend this time and will also be organising a Mighty Women of Valour event for Mum’s and other female relatives. 

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